Why Choose Us

Sampanna Group™ is one of the fastest growing firms, which was started in the year 2012 with its prime operation in Maharashtra & Himachal Pradesh.

Sampanna Group is diversified into many businesses e.g. manufacturing of irrigation systems, majorly imports of gardening tools & machineries etc and distribution of organic & synthetic fertilizers and other agri-inputs,. Our Major business is in imports of various agri inputs and distributing them through distributor/ dealer network which is well established in Maharashtra& Himachal pradesh. We aim at promoting horticulture industry and farming sector by serving the end user with best fertilizers, pesticides, machinery, tools, other agriculture and horticulture inputs, in North India with brand name Himachal Fruits™ which is the huge venture of Sampanna Group™, which aims at creating awareness about organic farming and marketing agri inputs through its one stop shop with an aim to open a franchisee at every corner of Himachal Pradesh. From here growers can take advantage of our experience,can also utilize our services in their best possible ways e.g. information about agriculture industry, new trends, new technology, other required information through our website, outlets, field staff and quarterly magazines, etc. We will try, assist and assure to solve queries on everything and anything about farming just on a click, right from farm care to marketing of produce is taken care of, without any hassle to the producer. In Maharashtra, we show our presence in every district by dealer - distributor network. Sampanna Group™ is also into polymer manufacturing as one of the businesses since many years since 1992, under the brand name of Swaroop Plastics.

Now at the latest, we are proud to announce the introduction of Patent Pending product Rootdeep drip. Which will prove a boon to farmers in helping to save the Green Vegetation on Earth. This underground feed pipe can be used for horticulture as well as cash crops, conserving water and fertilizer in presence of oxygen, made available directly to the roots.

Sampanna Group™ also runs a separate section for Home Gardens where all plant care for home garden is provided right from planting the plants till the overall growth and maintaining it with best organic fertilizers and plant health care products which are eco friendly creating safe environment to pet and children. In due course of time we would diversify our portfolio and venture into processing of fresh fruits and vegetables with its brand name along with contract farming. Additionally we would set up a cold storage for fruits and vegetables with packaging facilities in various major locations across India.

Agriculture not only gives riches to a nation, but the only riches she can call her own