Amino A Plus

Product Description:-

    AminoA Plus is a natural micro-granulated formula, completely water soluble, obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis using high quality, stringently selected sources that guarantee the final product meets the highest quality standards. AminoA Plus Is a Class A fertiliser, meets all EU standards and is approved for organic production. AminoA Plus meets Aminogram standardization requirements and contains only fully absorbable L-α type amino acids. HIGH NUTRITIONAL VALUE AminoA Plus releases and reinforces different reactions in the plant's metabolism. Its mode of action has a similar effect to that of plant hormones and natural growth regulators. AminoA Plus has a significant nutritional value which complements the main bio-stimulant effect and provides significant quantities of Nitrogen (N), natural Potassium (K), readily available Iron (Fe) and Magnesium (Mg).

  • Apply in general when the crop is most active: at transplanting, flowering, formation and ripening of fruit. It is also advisable to apply in stressful situations.

    COMPOSITION                     % w / W
  • Boron (B).................................11.0%

  • Chelating Agent : Ethanolamine
    pH: 7-9
    Specific Gravity : 1.35-1.39g/cc