Product Description:-

    The root of the plant is similar to wire, on top of it there is a bark, and inside the role of a copper vein is played by symbiotic fungi. They receive from the soil all the necessary substances and the minerals, and the shell woks as a pump. Fungus Endophyte are constantly in the contact with the plant both inside the root and in the seed itself. Endophyte Fungi live in a symbiotic relationship with plans and well developed endophyte fungus gives the plant up to 90% of all physiologically active substances, plant growth regulators and stimulates the plant to produce phytoalexins(FACs)that can open up the full potential of its own immune system.

    By treating seeds with micro fertilizers “5 Element”, we stimulate the development of endophyte fungi, which are inside the seed. As soon as the seeds get into the soil, the fungus endophyte begin to develop powerfully, causing the seeds to produces a luxurious leaf surface. Leaves, as is known, perform the function of photosynthesis and secret various sugars down to the root. Due to these sugars, the fungus endophyte attracts various exobacteria and especially important rhizosphere exobacteria that destroy hard to digest compound in the soil, transferring them to easily accessible ones.

  • Revives the fertility of the earth.
  • Has a positive effect on soil sanitation
  • Increases the humus content in the soil to 0.14%
  • Increases productivity from 15% to 50%

  • Dosage EXTENSIVE Drip: 2 to 2.5 L / ha 100-250 cc/hl (Foliar application)
  • Dosage INTENSIVE Gravity: 4 to 5 L / ha Drip: 2 to 2.5 L / ha 100-250 cc/hl (Foliar application)
  • Dosage SEEDBED 100-250 cc/hl (Foliar application)
  •     COMPOSITION                     % w / W
  • Boron (B).................................11.0%

  • Chelating Agent : Ethanolamine
    pH: 7-9
    Specific Gravity : 1.35-1.39g/cc