BORKO Rs. 1584/-

Product Description:-

    BORKO is a product obtained by reaction of acid boric with an ethanolamine, entirely water soluble and totally available for the plant. It acts against Boron deficiencies and is one minor element that works in the processes of ripening, pollen formation and facilitates the disappearance of the Blotching Ripening physiopathy.

  • Provides great biologic activity to the soil.
  • Encourages the flowering, pollination and development of fruit
  • Increases the quality and fruit conservation potential.
  • Stimulates the growth of the roots as well as the foliage
  • Provides a higher resistance to crypogamic diseases caused by the deficiency of this micronutrient
  • Greater profitability of sugar beet by increasing the amount of sucrose

  • Dosage EXTENSIVE Drip: 2 to 2.5 L / ha 100-250 cc/hl (Foliar application)
  • Dosage INTENSIVE Gravity: 4 to 5 L / ha Drip: 2 to 2.5 L / ha 100-250 cc/hl (Foliar application)
  • Dosage SEEDBED 100-250 cc/hl (Foliar application)
  •     COMPOSITION                     % w / W
  • Boron (B).................................11.0%

  • Chelating Agent : Ethanolamine
    pH: 7-9
    Specific Gravity : 1.35-1.39g/cc