Root Deep Drip

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Irrigation to Root zone

Root Deep Drip is designed to water, aerate and fertilize plants simultaneously at the root zone by reducing the input cost by more than 50%. The Root Deep Drip comes in two sizes 14” &19” suitable to most plants depending on the root system irrespective of the size and age of plants. We suggest 2 /3 or 4 depending on the type of trees. It is made up of durable sturdy ABS plastic with many portholes throughout the length of the pipe, with a filter inside to prevent roots and soil from entering the pipe. The shape is made tapering to facilitate installation making it easy to enter the ground. It has a cap with a slit to allow a microtube with an emitter to enter in and prevent the evaporation of water. The main concept is to save water as we observe underground water level has been reduced due to many reasons. This patent-pending technology works very well in maintaining moisture continuously at the root rhizosphere. The quantity of saved water/fertilizer can be used further to water more area under cultivation. This system not only adds benefits to the plants but also to the farmer by saving his money spend on fertilizer, watering (electricity) as feeding is done directly at roots on gravity( no pressure required) a perfect solution, add power to rain harvesting. To keep your soil in good condition Root Deep Drip helps to enrich the soil by aerating it, allowing roots to breathe, and brings leaching of harmful unwanted salts deep into the ground preventing it to rise above the surface level thus avoids sunburn. This sometimes forms a layer forming a wall not allowing any feeds to reach the root rhizosphere. It brings bio-balancing of water and air promoting a nutrient-dense cropping system. Thus without disturbing the soil food web & soil microorganisms it promotes the increase in nutrient uptake by the roots. Root Deep Drip makes oxygen available at roots rhizosphere where it supports the activity of the beneficial microorganisms eg. Fungi, bacteria, protozoa, nitrogen-fixing bacteria etc. The breakdown of vegetation is highly dependent on oxygen and moisture levels. During decomposition, microorganisms require oxygen for their respiration. Appropriate moisture levels are required for microorganisms to proliferate and to actively decompose organic matter. In arid environments, bacteria and fungi dry out and are unable to take part in decomposition. From this, we state that our Root Deep Drip plays a vital role to maintain the moist condition and makes oxygen available for decomposition at the root rhizosphere. Root Deep Drip brings uniform development of roots increasing the volume of roots as moisture is always available for them under the ground. This concept keeps the plants stress-free even in high drought conditions. This system benefits a farmer to raise seedlings in his own field (situ) instead of transporting them from nurseries. Drip pipes are installed directly where seedlings are to be planted and this allows a farmer to plant the seed next to the Root Drip pipe where it germinates and gets established. The survival rate of plants is increased. During rainy the season when Root Drip pipes are installed on mountains the running water enters the drip pipes and goes into the root zone, instead of flowing further thus preventing the runoff of fertilized water. The time has come that we realize the need to save even a drop of our valuable resource the WATER by using our patent-pending innovative product Root Deep Drip and save your plants/orchards thus save the green life on Earth.

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