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Terracotta Pots

                 Terracotta originates literally from the Italian translation: 'baked' or 'cooked earth'. In other words, this word is an embrace from Italian vocabulary: terra ("earth") + cotta ("baked"). Terracotta clay has high plasticity and can withstand high temperatures. It is water-soluble. Terracotta usually is made from an adequately heavy porous type of clay. It is first shaped (or sculpted), then fired until baked hard. Baked terracotta is not a water-tight layer of glaze is required for this. Sometimes recycled terracotta ("grog") is mixed with fresh clay to make a new batch of the material.

The making of terracotta pottery is no ordinary process. Each terracotta pot or piece of art is created by a fascinating process, with grace and dedication. And the time taken to make such a masterpiece is what makes terracotta so valuable and expensive.

                 We use Acrylic colors and our special technique to keep the colors dont fade away. Various designs we deal into basic flower design till Madubani art painted all by various clients special order. We accept special orders too if possible to commit in given time schedule.
Do visit us and take chance to Feel and enjoy our pots by taking them home with you.